Saturday, December 3, 2011

So Proud of my Little Nerd!

I was wearing this shirt, that I got off of woot.

Bobby comes over and points to the pictures in order saying, "Apple...Ubuntu...don't know...that one is just there for the letter...Chrome....Sun and I don't remember that last one, but we use it at home."

I was rather impressed that Debian was the only logo that he was not familiar with. What an amazing boy I have!

(SkyOS is just there for the letter by the way)


  1. He knows more than I do about these! Maybe you can explain to me what this sequence of symbols is supposed to represent.

  2. love that shirt! hilarious. I was really proud of my budding nerd, Sophia, one day when she was trying to describe gum drops and she said, 'you know, those candies that look like the bad guy from Star Wars's head?'